Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown
Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown
Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown
Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown
Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown

Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown

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Ever Color 1 Day Luquage - Airy Brown

Product Description
Natural eyes look - gives a bright and transparency look by the brown beige color blends in design on the lens.  It's also comfortable for the wearer which last for all day.  The UV blocking feature helps to protect your eyes from the harmful UVA and UVB.



   Clean 1Day
Daily disposal lens keeps clean and fresh for your eyes. Simply it is dealt in care without troublesome! For a special day as well as for daily use, you can enjoy different colors to suit your occasion.
The DIA of Every Color 1day series is 14.5 mm, of which is not too big but enough right in size. The best-proportioned eyes give a bright and attractive look on your face.
   Wrap in Technology
Wrapped-in technology is adopted so that the pigment is not directly in contact with eyes. This thin contact lens provides less sense of incongruity and comfortable wearing feeling.
   Water Content
Ever Color 1day is classified by Low Hydrous Contact Lens with 42.5%. It restricts evaporation of water to prevent dry eyes and will keep the moisture in.
   Non-ionic Material
Non-ionic materials are used not to adhere dirt onto the contact lens, such as lipid dirt, protein and so on. The clear view is secured all day.



Product Specifications

Recommended Replacement

Daily Disposable

Wearing Schedule

Daily Wear

Diameter / DIA


Base Curve / BC


Water Content


UV Protection


Proprietary Technology

Wrapped-in Technology

Lens Material


Visibility Tint


Dk/t (@ -3.00D)


Center Thickness (mm @ -3.00D)


I/O Mark


Orientation Mark



Airy Brown


10 lenses or 30 lenses per box



EverColor1Day LUQUAGE

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